March 28, 2017

Off To Japan!!

Monday, March 27

It has been a busy year for us so far.  Unfortunately, there haven't been any trips with Roamin.  We did manage a two day trip but we stayed in a hotel for the shear simplicity of it all.

Today we're leaving on a three week trip overseas to Japan.  Roamin and Rufus will have to stay behind this time.  But we know Rufus won't miss us.  He'll be sitting on a comfy lounge chair by the pool. 

no, he's not spoiled at all!

Of course, I can't wait to share some beautiful photos of our vacation with you so please visit again.

Wednesday, March 29

We made it to Hong Kong International Airport a couple of hours ago.  We have a six hour layover before our next flight to Naha, Okinawa, Japan.

up, up and away!!

The first leg of this trip was a 14 hour flight!!  LONG is a bit of an understatement when describing it.  The seats were exactly the same as on a domestic flight.  We were quite squished as far as leg room goes.  The meals were excellent though!  We boarded just after midnight and they immediately served us a dinner consisting of shrimp salad, a roll, I had chicken as my main course and Ron had mac 'n cheese, plus ice cream for dessert. I did manage to sleep on and off for most of the night.  Then shortly before our arrival we were served breakfast.  The yummy meal was an omelette, sausage, fresh fruit, yogurt and a cranberry muffin.  No skimping on meals for Cathay Airlines :-)

Just a few feet from our gate is this gorgeous advertisement.  I had to take a picture of it.  Not knowing where the camera is currently, I used my cell phone.  Silly tourists...

This airport is HUGE!!  We ventured upstairs to where there are more shops and eateries, both local and American cuisine.  The shops include upscale places such as Rolex, Gucci and the like.  Mickey and friends are here as well :-)

Unfortunately, the air quality outside isn't the best.  The nearby mountains and high rise apartments are hard to see even though they don't appear to be too far away.


We're just about ready to board our second flight.  Alex and Kana will be on the other side waiting for us!  We already have plans to fly to Kyoto, Japan next week, attend a wine tasting party at the Officer's Club and even join a local 5K mud run.  It'll be a great awesome and adventurous vacation!!