January 25, 2014

The Dream is Still Alive!

Yes, the dream is still alive!

Ron and I have been quite busy at Plastic Pros lately and it seems we don't have much free time or me time.  BUT, I am definitely NOT complaining!!  We would rather be busy than slow any day of the week.  

I have been following several blogs lately and one of the comments got me thinking about how we are going to finance this whole new adventure we are so looking forward to.  The blog author is currently volunteering for a conservation center and research station in Florida.  In return, she receives an RV site with full hook-ups.  Her only requirement is to volunteer 16 hours per week.  She works two eight hour days.  During the other five days per week, she holds a part-time job to supplement her income to pay for gas, groceries and other necessities of life.  

This idea could certainly work for us.  We'd sign up for a volunteer position somewhere while working on the other days.  We might want to have this type of arrangement from time to time.  The beauty is that we will be able to do whatever we want.

Just last week, we were driving to Yuba City.  We had a 45 minute drive and we were talking about how it would feel driving along the highway in our dually towing our 5th wheel.  We are both still so excited!

One day our dream will be our reality!!
conservation center and research station
conservation center and research station
conservation center and research station

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