May 17, 2015

A New Game

It's about time for another Rufus update.  We adopted Rufus in early April. 

Today I wanted to share a game he's taught himself called Hide and Seek.  We all know the game of hide and seek.  If you didn't play this as a kid (or parent with your kiddos), you're missing out on some great fun!

Rufus likes to play this game with his two tennis balls.  He'll purposefully stash them under furniture, like the credenza or couch, and then push them further away from the opening with his paws.  He'll wrestle with them for a time and then get bored and whine.  That means he's ready for help...

Our part of the game is to get down on all fours and retrieve the balls.  Then the game starts all over again :-)

they're an arm's length away

I feel them, I think...

there's one, where's the other?

it's a little too far away for me to grab

Thanks Mom! :-)

How can I resist such cuteness?

May 12, 2015

It's The Little Things...

I wrote a few weeks back about how we're starting small.  Ron has done a great job so far updating our laundry room.  It's not quite finished but I wanted to show off the progress.

yellow was a good color choice

The room is so much brighter when I walk in it now.  We're both glad we picked the yellow wall color.  There was some minor wall damage behind the dryer.  With the new wall texture and paint, it's not even noticeable.

progress being made

The cabinet Ron found on Craigslist was very heavy!!  Even without the four doors and solid shelves, it was a bear to get into position.  Before it went up, Ron found studs in the wall, drilled holes in the cabinet support pieces and made sure the drill and screws were positioned in the room just right.  Our friend, Shaun, came over and helped Ron lift it into place.  I'm so glad he was able to help.  There's no way I could've helped the way he did.  The cabinet is all the way to the right because that side of the cabinet isn't finished.  We'll position the appliances under the cabinet so that we have a wide area on the left side for the vacuum cleaner.

almost finished...

The cabinet came with two shelves.  Since we figured that wouldn't be enough shelf space, we bought some shelving at Home Depot, cut it to length and now we have four shelves.  One of the shelves is still empty.  Ron says he'll find something to fill it with.  He wishes...

I'd been going to the laundromat for about the last three weeks to wash and dry our dirty clothes.  It's a nice clean one only five miles from the house, but Ron knows how much simpler it would be to have my washer & dryer back in the room.  So although the tile isn't laid down and the base boards aren't on the wall yet, the room is functional.

Thanks Ron!!  You're doing a fantastic job and I'm very happy to be able to do laundry in the comfort of my lady cave :-)