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Rene'-I was born and raised in San Jose, CA.  During Christmas break of 8th grade my parents moved to Belmont, California.  Growing up my parents had a travel trailer towed by a van.  They belonged to a small RV club with several other families.  We would go on monthly weekend trips to various local campgrounds.  My favorite place was the Manteca Water Slides, which unfortunately is no longer there.  I remember one time my dad let me drive the rig down Highway 5 for about 20 minutes or so.  Of course, I did have my driver's license by this time.

Ron-He was born in Islip, New York, the son of two fairly new German immigrants.  His family decided to move across the country in 1968 and settled in Belmont, California.  Sound familiar?  Their trip was taken via car with two young boys in tow.  They went sight seeing and had a grand time!  His family would socialize with a group of friends and go on camping trips with them too.  The fondest memories he has is of Finnen Lake, a rustic place in the Sierra foothills.

High School Sweethearts- Rene' and Ron met in high school.  It was love at first sight-for one of them...  Fate had a different path and boy are we glad!  As a young dating couple we would pack up our tent, cooler and bug spray and hit the road.  We didn't really care where we ended up as long as it was with each other.  We married in 1983.  Our children grew up tent camping as well.  Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts were a good match for this family.

Now that both of our children have moved out and away it's time to embrace our 'new life'.  We own a business and can't just up and go.  So we are taking baby steps to make our dream a reality and work from the road.  We are so excited for the adventures and excitement that await us!
Stay tuned and enjoy the ride with us...

Jessica and Alex share a drink, San Francisco 2011

Ron, Alex, Jessica & Rene', Christmas 2009

January 4, 2014

Jessica married her high school sweetheart today!  Ron always wondered who Jessica would bring home.  She made a good choice.  We are so happy to have Mike join our family!!

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Arnold

December 22, 2016

Alex has met his true love and today they married.  Kana is a loving and caring wife.  Ron and I enjoyed getting to know her when we visited them both in Japan.  Welcome to the family Kana!!

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Kipp

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