April 13, 2016

What's For Dinner?

Are you the primary cook in your family?  If so, you'll definitely want to continue reading this post!

I'm saying goodbye to my crock pot and hello to my electric pressure cooker by Instant Pot.  There just isn't enough room in our RV for both.  The Instant Pot does so much more and the results are great excellent phenomenal!

I bet I know what some of you are thinking:
  Pressure Cookers-don't they explode?!
  I could never survive without my crock pot!
  I hate cooking inside the RV!

To be totally honest I have a very small recollection of my mom using a stove top pressure cooker.  Once.  I wonder why she didn't use it more often.  No, she didn't start the house on fire.  I do remember it was big and bulky though.

I used to love my crock pot.  I even wrote a post about making freezer meals to cook in it.  Don't worry, you can still prepare and freeze the meals, they'll just cook quicker in the Instant Pot (IP for short).

You can use your IP outdoors if you like.  But to be honest, it really doesn't generate very much heat, as far as I've noticed anyway.

I first heard about this amazing kitchen appliance last year around Thanksgiving from someone's post on FaceBook.  They mentioned the IP and how they had the best dinner ever.  I had to know more.  I found a FaceBook group full of pot heads - Instant Pot Community.  At the time I joined there were less than 18K members.  Now it over 57K members!  These members are worldwide and quite supportive of each other.  Recipes are shared, help is given to newbies, and there isn't a bunch of drama. 

I ordered my Instant Pot when Amazon had their Black Friday special.  I'm so glad I did.  And so are the boys.  Yes, Rufus is even a beneficiary of the deliciousness that comes from it!

The IP has many functions including Saute, Slow Cooker, Bean/Chili, Porridge, Steam, Rice and even Yogurt.  I can set a delay start if needed.  It also has an automatic 'Keep Warm' function that keeps food warm for up to 10 hours after cooking is complete.

Since I opened the box and started cooking with it I have made many oodles of dishes (mostly dinner items).  And I also make our own yogurt now.  No more hunting for my favorite one that costs a fortune in the grocery store.

I think I've used the stove top less than 6 times in the past five months to make a meal.  I use the oven on rare occasions too.  A girls gotta have take & bake at home pizza on occasion, don't 'cha know :-)  I haven't made one yet, but cheesecake is a very popular dessert that can be made in the IP.   

Words can only convey a part of what I'm talking about.  Here's some photos of the phenomenal dinners I've made so far:     





just a few minutes under the broiler to glaze the sauce
now that's a meat lovers meatloaf!


chicken marsala

yes, it's a pressure cooked lasagna!

orange pork tenderloin with steamed broccoli  

Rufus knows he'll be eating something yummy whenever Mom is cooking.  He gets a spoonful of homemade yogurt added to his kibble.  On occasion he'll get some carrots which previously seasoned the chicken broth cooked in the IP.
five jars of homemade yogurt
Are you still with me?  Or did you skip on over to Amazon and buy your own Instant Pot?  At the very least, I'm sure you're hungry!!


  1. I'm so glad you like it. When we get to Oregon in June we're buying either a instant pot or pressure cooker xl. They almost look and do the same stuff. Great Post!

    1. I'm sure you'll be happy with either one.
      I went with the IP because it has a stainless steel insert (XL has aluminum) and the lid has handles so that you can rest in on the side of the pot when it's open. The last photo kind of shows this.
      I've made soups, chili, lasagna, whole chicken, pasta dishes, beef rolls, hard boiled eggs, steamed veggies, mashed potatoes and a whole lot more in it. So far, we've all been quite pleased with it :-)

    2. I also suggest you join the IP Community page on FaceBook before you get your pressure cooker. Just reading the posts and comments will give you added knowledge before you even have it.
      The rally you're at is right around the corner from us. Looks like you're having a great time :-)

  2. I keep reading about them and am now even more tempted. I use our little two-temp Crock Pot quite a bit, but my menu is pretty limited. Looks like I need to take a serious look at these. Thanks for the post!

    1. A crock pot is so limiting because it only has one function. I haven't used it once since I got the IP. Plus, my crock pot is bigger than the IP and weighs more too.
      You would be quite pleased with the IP. I can also recommend an excellent cookbook if you decide to get one :-) It's called Great Food Fast by Bob Warden.
      Also, I LOVE your new header photo!!

  3. What a readable blog! Definitely have added you to my reader. Furthermore, I've got to check out this IP thing. Kudos on some fine writing!

    1. Forgot to leave my blog address: http://mills-travels.blogspot.com

    2. Welcome Mike! Thank you for the nice words!
      I took a peek over at your blog. Looks like you two are having a great time at the rally.
      Ron and I aren't on the road yet, we hope to be out of here in June this year though :-)
      We really like the IP. There hasn't been a meal made in it yet that we haven't absolutely loved.
      Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment! Perhaps we'll see you on the road one day...


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