July 17, 2015

Work, Sleep, Repeat

I'm definitely not complaining but it seems this is all I (we) have time for lately...

Ron has been working nearly 14 days straight.  I usually take Sunday off  but end up cleaning the house, laundry and grocery store shopping.  In fact, last night we were at the shop until 8:45pm!  Our gym visits have even been affected.

The plus side to all of this is that we're going to be making some pretty good money  in the next 4-6 weeks.  Maybe we'll even be able to save up enough for the down payment on a trailer we've been wanting.

So although we aren't going on any fun weekend adventures, we are still working on whittling away at our debt and keeping positive thoughts about our future!

Here's to another sunset, and another day closer to our dream!!



  1. Hopefully all your work time is spent indoors where it's cool - that would be another plus! Paying now for playing later makes it all worth it, although it's harder to appreciate looking forward than looking back :-))))) Spectacular sunset!

    1. Yes, we do have an air conditioner so that definitely helps. We schedule on-site work around the weather because of various factors including how the plastic responds to extreme hot and cool temperatures. Ron took the sunset shot a few years back at a local elementary school. We hope to see plenty more gorgeous ones from differing locations :-)


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