January 1, 2016

Could This Be Our Year?

Happy New Year!

Ron and I are excited for this new year to start. 

We will be exhibitors for the very first time at a large trade show in March held in Long Beach, CA.  The trade show is all about playground equipment and the expected attendance will be nearly 1500 people.  We plan to market PolyMenders, our mobile repair business.  In fact, we are planning to bring our repair equipment just in case we get asked if we can fix their slide right away.  We perused the other exhibitors and we are the only ones to offer this type of service.  We have very high hopes!

Could this be our year to finally sell the house and go full time?  Who knows for sure, but we're excited for the possibilities that await us!! 


  1. Congratulations and good luck at the trade show. We live in Belmont,and we will definitely try out the Village Host Pizza which is just up the hill from us. And we too are planning to full-time in a year. Will be attending the Escapees Boot Camp in Congress AZ end of this month.

    1. Thank you for the well wishes :-)
      Belmont is a nice little town. I must admit I miss having the beach so close.
      I'm sure you'll enjoy the pizza. The crust is so much better than the chain crust, cooked the 'old fashioned' way.
      Have fun at the Boot Camp. I bet you'll get some great useful info. Ron and I hope to attend one day ourselves. Maybe we'll see you on the road one day!

  2. We are keeping fingers and toes crossed that you get out here this year! We've definitely seen a lot of places who could use your service :-) I think campendium.com filters for child-friendly parks so I wonder if you could reach out to a bunch of them about mobile service for their equipment? You may have already done it :-) Happy New Year you two.

    1. Thanks Jodee :-) That's a great idea about the parks. We have thought about repairing playground equipment at RV parks, but haven't pursued it yet. The need is definitely out there! We are so excited we can hardly stand it!! Happy New Year :-)


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