March 30, 2016

Exciting News Via Email

Imagine my surprise when I received the following email a couple of days ago:

Congratulations fellow RV Bloggers,

I would like to inform you that your blog, "R n R On The Road" has been placed on HitchUpandGo as a "Featured Blog". Your site holds special value to us at HitchUpandGo and I wanted to thank you for the fine work that you have done with it.

Naturally I was skeptical at first.  Hmmm, what do these guys want from me?  So I went to their website.  "R 'n R On The Road" is indeed featured on their home page.  Wow, what a thrill to see it somewhere that I hadn't placed it :-)  I explored the website a bit more to see what it's about.

HitchUpandGo is a pretty cool website for RVers.  The main headings include RV Directories, RV Products, RV Glossary, About and Newsletter.  There are subheadings as well, one of which is RV Blogs Directory.  That's where you'll find links to some pretty famous blogs and where this blog will be listed one day:-)  Another subheading takes you to a Photo Directory.  You'll find links to Pinterest pages.  For those who may be confused by RV acronyms, you'll likely find the answer under Terms & Definitions.  Who knows the weight of water, fuel or propane?  You can find it listed under the Weights & Measurements subheading.

So when you have some time, be sure to check out HitchUpandGo.  You may find just what you're looking for.

In the meantime, Ron and I have continued on with the house work.  I was feeling a bit full of myself the other day.  As I cut in the ceiling paint, I went past a heater vent and I just couldn't help myself...

I wonder if anyone will see this one day... 

The KIPP's presence will still be here even if we aren't!          


  1. Congrats on the recognition! When we put up new wallpaper at a house we lived in years ago, my ex and I drew stick figures of us putting up wallpaper - don't know if they would still be there when the paper and glue came down......but it was sure fun! I'm sure someone will see your 'signature' someday!

    1. Thank you! How fun that you drew on your walls :-) This is the first house we've owned and probably the last one too. No more getting to paint walls or wallpaper for us. If we ever live in a S & B again, we'll likely rent.

  2. Very cool indeed! You're getting closer! The So Cal event was successful? Moving up the departure date any? How's the truck doing?

    1. Thanks Debbie! Yes, it was a success :-)) We already have two jobs in Fresno and a possible one in Las Vegas from the show. We'll have to stay in a hotel when we do the work until we can get the trailer. No biggie though. The departure date hasn't moved yet. We're still hoping for early June. The truck is doing well. We're having a minor electrical issue but we think we've figured out that the front passenger door needs a new relay switch. The truck thinks the door is open when it's closed and visa versa. Oh, did you mean the '64? If so then it's nearly done getting the paint job. We looked at it yesterday and the tailgate lettering needs some fine tuning but other than that it's ready to get put back on the road! :-)
      I've been enjoying your desert photos on facebook! I'm looking forward to hiking some of those trails with you :-)


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