September 27, 2016

Meet Roamin :-)

Thanks for all of the awesome name suggestions on my last post!

Ron and I had a tough time deciding but in the end we named him Roamin (Roman).

Roamin at our home base in Rocklin, CA

Roamin is 32' long hitch to bumper.  He is spacious inside the living area because of the two opposing slides.  The dinette area is perfect.  Right now Ron and I are sitting opposite each other, each on our laptop.  Ron is playing a game of Mahjong :-)  I'm typing this post :-) 

it's actually quite comfy too

On the other side of the room is our couch.  It doesn't get much use right now.  I want to get out to Ikea and buy some ottomans.  We like to put our feet up when we sit on the couch and can't do that just yet.

Rufus doesn't care if there's an ottoman or not :-)

We have a rear entertainment center complete with TV and fireplace!  We've used both :-)  The fireplace even has a feature that allows us to turn on the flames without heat.  How cool is that?!


The galley kitchen is a bit a lot smaller than our sticks and bricks kitchen was, but we're getting used to it.  It has everything we need, just smaller.  I stocked it with all my favorite cooking accessories including my Instant Pot

best addition so far!
The three drawers in the kitchen were soon overflowing.  Ron found this great holder online.  Trouble was the shower is on the opposite side of the wall.  Solution: attach wooden blocks to the underside of the cabinet supports and attach the holder to the wood blocks.  It's wonderful to have a handy husband! 

There's added storage on the front wall too.  That's were the spices, boxed food and canned food is stored. 

The bedroom is in the front.  The front wall has a window, it's tinted, but so far we haven't opened the shades.

The bathroom is small, smaller than I'd like actually.  The shower is a corner style one, the doors are rounded for a tiny bit of extra room but we've adapted just fine.  I would like a little more space between the toilet and the cabinet, but again, I've gotten used to it and adapted.    

We've already completed one successful trip in Roamin.  We're currently parked in Fresno where we repaired a slide at a daycare center.  Tomorrow we'll be heading to Garden Grove in southern California for more work.  Then we'll be traveling back to our home base in Rocklin on Friday. 

By the way: upon our arrival at our home base last Thursday we were greeted by two of our neighbors saying, "Welcome Home".  Never got that kind of a greeting living in the sticks and bricks...


  1. Love it Rene! You're actually out there now! How cool is that. Roamin is awesome!

    1. It's very cool :-)) We're realizing our three year long dream and we love it! We'll have you and Steve over next month when you're in town.

  2. Roamin' is the perfect name! Love seeing the inside of your spacious new home - really, your kitchen is huge! Ottoman was a must for me too, and with storage inside it was a great addition. So excited that you're moved in and out moving around as well. Where did you stay for the Garden Grove job?

    1. Thanks Jodee :-) One of these days we'd love to see you both again and your rig, of course. The extra storage in an ottoman would be great for my blanket. We actually have enough room for what we brought with us and our 'garage' is nearly open as well. We drive to Garden Grove today. We'll be staying at Orangeland RV Park in nearby Orange. Paid the big bucks for a spacious pull through site too. We may even decide to stay an extra day :-))


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