November 24, 2016

Vacation Time, Part 1

When we were contracted to repair a slide in Salinas we decided to turn it into a vacation.  Salinas is just a little north of Monterey and Carmel.  I booked a spot at Carmel By The River RV Park for 5 nights.  One day of work and four days of fun is just what we need!

We left home with Roamin in tow last Thursday.  We were scheduled to make the slide repair Friday.  This one required Ron to be on a ladder.  One large hole was located near the top and another smaller hole also needed a patch at the bottom of the slide.  As always the kids will be thrilled to have their slide back upon their return to school after the holiday week off. 

Our work took us just a few hours and we were done and on our way to enjoy some time off!

We looked up things to do on a great website, and decided that a walk along Cannery Row would be a good way to start our vacation.

 many shops, restaurants and lights
Cannery Row was made famous by the author John Steinbeck.  There's a lot of history here but we simply wanted to window shop and stroll the streets.

I did come across an interesting bit of nostalgia though...  I didn't think to pick up the receiver so I have no idea if it works or not :-/

The shops are beginning to decorate for Christmas and we found a large nut cracker in one of the interior hallways.  It was pretty empty and quiet, even though it was a Friday evening.  The restaurants were open but the smaller shops had closed for the night.

Saturday's weather forecast called for intermittent showers.  We decided to brave the day.  We grabbed our jackets, hats, umbrellas, dog leash and headed for the coast.

The weather held out!!

 Rufus really enjoyed the off-leash beach! 

The damp sand makes for a cool photo of shoes and paws.

We took a walk along one of the piers.  There were people hoping to catch a big one and a father out teaching his kiddo how to surf.  I suppose if you live on the coast, you better know how to surf...

Further up the pier we came upon a gull resting.  It was quite aware of Rufus and flew away just after the shutter opened.

I wonder what this sea otter is snacking on??

One last stop before leaving the pier.  I had fish and chips on the brain and had plenty of options to choose from.  We ate on the pier at a place with outdoor tables underneath a large patio type roof. 

The rain arrived just after we got home and gave Rufus a bath.  We had good timing!!
 Up next: 17 Mile Drive  


  1. Haven't been there in too long, how fun to snag a getaway in that pretty place. Great pics!

    1. It was a nice park. The wi-fi was strong too. Only thing really missing was an onsite laundry. They're too close to the river for the county to allow it. It's very clean and the residents are friendly. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to spend time in the area. The drive to Monterey is maybe 25 minutes away. Seems I'm usually the one behind the camera so I have to remind myself to ask Ron to get a shot of me. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. A vacation, how fun! Love the pic with the footprints and doggie prints! Will you be in the Sac area at all in December? We need to get together!

  3. Thanks! We did have a nice relaxing time on the coast. We're back now and we plan to be here all of December. We would love to see you both again!


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