October 28, 2018

Border Crossings and Home For A Few Months

16 states so far

We've camped in 16 of the lower 48 states so far.  For our state map we add a state's sticker if we have camped in it.  Although we have driven through more than the ones on the map simply because that's where the road leads us.  It's been a fun journey (most of the time) so far!

We arrived back to the Sacramento area in mid August.  PolyMenders had repairs on the road in several California locations prior to our arrival.  Plastic Pros, however, has contracts that we need to get wrapped up so we can get back out on the road.  During the weeks before our expected arrival to the area we had made about a dozen phone calls to various RV parks looking for a spot to park for awhile.  Most had no availability :-(  However, we got a return call from Laurie at Dutch Flat RV Resort.  Yippee, she has a site for us!

our spot in the forest

Dutch Flat RV Resort is located just off Interstate 80 in the Sierra mountains.  Ron and I have an hour drive down the hill to the shop.  We are still quite happy with the park, even with the long distance commute.  It's just off of the freeway but down a small grade so the freeway noise doesn't bother us at all.  We hear freight trains go past as they blow their horns.  Plenty of trees to keep us shaded too.  The park has mostly seasonal campers although a few have told us they've been here for more than a year.  We had originally planned to be here for two months but we seem to keep getting more work in the area so we'll be here until we feel the need to move on.

On weekends we like to take day trips to nearby places.  One fun outing was actually on a walking trail here in the park.  There is a small creek about half a mile away.  It was nice and easy to get there.  The park put a couple of chairs, some lounges and a picnic table by the side of the creek making it great to stay there a bit.  Rufus isn't a swimmer so we were glad that there was an area where he could do some wadding.  He found a stick to play with .  We tricked him (shh, don't tell him) and threw it into water that was slightly deeper than his comfort level and he was actually swimming.  Barely swimming, but it still counts.  Hahaha

Since we're so close to the wonderful beauty of the mountains we looked up another hiking area within an hour's drive of the park.  Years ago I bought a paperback titled Easy Hiking in Northern California by Ann Marie Brown.  It's contents are in chapters separated by area.  I've used this book many times for many hikes from the time I was a girl scout leader to the present.  When we downsized our house I knew it was coming along too.

One sunny afternoon we packed up the truck and headed just up the freeway to Fuller Lake.  The parking area was full but we managed to find a spot to fit us near the entrance.  We walked to the water's edge where families donned in swimming suits with picnics were enjoying the afternoon's warm water.  Their laughter soon became non existent as we left the shoreline and headed into the forest on the other side of the dam.

The trail pretty much runs along the shore of the small lake.  We went off trail just a little and ended up in a lush meadow.  When we once again found the lake shore Rufus happily played in the water with a stick he found.  The only negative part of the day was the continual tree sap that ended up getting on Rufus' pads.  Next time we may have to put his booties on first.

nice lake for fishing, you can see the dam we crossed in the far distance
On our drive between Sacramento and our RV park we pass through the small town of Colfax.  The main exit hides a secret likely known only to the locals.  We didn't know about this trail until I found it in the same book referenced above.  Just ten minutes from home, we had to walk it.

The trailhead is at a dead end street with a parking area for about a dozen or so cars.  It starts downhill for quite awhile.  Your return trip to the car is going to be primarily uphill so be sure to turn around when you feel the need.  The noise from the freeway is with you for maybe the first ten to fifteen minutes of your walk.  The trail is well identified with a clear walking area and signage.  We walked for maybe two miles before taking a break and heading back uphill and back to civilization.  My old knees were having a hard time with the rough downhills.  They're much more accepting of level trails :-)

Ron and I are quite happy when we can take Rufus for a walk away from the crowds and he's able to run ahead (or behind) and sniff to his content.  He shows his appreciation to us by giving us plenty of kisses :-)

can I have some jerky Mom??
While we were taking our snack break four firemen came up the hill.  That's when we remembered seeing their truck at the trailhead...  They were there to put out a small campfire (highly stupid at this time of the year to start one!!) and also helping a woman who had hurt her ankle and needed to be taken out via helicopter.  As we came upon them on our way out they were helping another hiker who likely had heat stroke.  What a busy day for them!

We've had a few other adventures during our time here.  For now we are on standby for repairs at a local RV repair shop for the damage from our tire blowout back in July.  We took Raven to the repair shop last week so that they could take measurements and make a quote for the warranty work.  Hopefully we'll hear back from Forest River soon and that we'll get the work approved.

Ron and I have plans to be in Oklahoma City for Christmas at our son Alex's new home.  Their first born, Benjamin, is due early December.  Grand baby #2 for us! 


  1. Ah, 2nd grandbaby! So nice! Love your new park and hikes. We'll be back in Placerville mid November. We'll definitely have to get together!

    1. We're quite excited for the newest Kipp :-)) More Grammie spoiling time for me!! Yes, we'd love to get together! We're starting to think more about batteries, inverters and solar/generator. I know Ron wants to see your setup and get a few answers from you both.

  2. Even with the commute it looks like you've found a sweet spot to call home for awhile. Can't complain about continued business coming in! Love all your pretty hikes in the forest. With Rufus' short legs I bet wading isn't far from swimming for him :-)

    1. Yes, it is a sweet spot! The owners are very nice and have agreed to let us stay as long as needed :-)) They're improving the park too. They recently repaved the road and now they're putting in a security gate at the entrance. The residents are all friendly and we've made a few new friends. The area is gorgeous. We've had other adventures but these are my favorites so far. Hahaha, he is pretty small but prefers his feet on terra-ferma!


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