March 21, 2021

Vacation At Superstition Mountains

Although we live in an ever rolling 5th wheel, we rarely feel like we're on vacation.  That's because our rolling home is our home - does that make sense?  The day to day stuff that makes up life for us is the same as it was when our home didn't have wheels.  There's still bills to pay, meals to be prepared, work to be done, chores, laundry.  Well, you get it... 

Ron and I needed to visit Arizona for work.  We already knew from last year that we didn't want to work in Arizona in the summer!  We just didn't have a hard set date.  Then I found out Debbie and Steve of  Down The Road With Steve And Debbie would be at Lost Dutchman State Park in March.  You can read about their adventure here.  I figured it wouldn't be easy to get a reservation because it's such a popular place.  I went online, played around with arrival and departure dates and snagged a three day reservation in the dry camping (boondocking) section.  We were set for a Tuesday arrival and Friday departure.  Knowing that Steve works on the weekdays I tried for another reservation for the following weekend-no such luck.  But I did snag another site, also in the boondocking section, for the weekend prior :-)  We were all set for a six day vacation!

Saturday finally came!!  This was our view of the Superstition Mountains when we first drove into the park.  So many words: WOW!!  GORGEOUS!!  AWESOME!!  MAGNIFICENT!!

Our first site, #127, was in the back section closest to the mountains.  It was a back-in spot, on a slope and according to Ron "a bear" to get into.  The view was so worth it :-)

Debbie invited us over for dinner that first night.  Boy were we ready for some good food, great company and adult beverages :-)  Debbie had reserved their spot a year ago for 10 days.  They are in the section with water and electric hookups.  There is a fresh water fill and waste water dump station near the campground entrance/exit.

site #98, home for Debbie and Steve

 Our morning view with coffee mug in hand is unmatched by any other to date!

I simply can not get enough of these mountains!

happy hour on the deck :-)
One evening we all went on a short hike with the dogs leaving around 5:00.  We got back to the campground after sunset.  Good thing we had a couple of headlamps with us!  It was a good practice run for the much more challenging Flatiron Trail. 


Most days went as follows: morning and afternoons on our own and then we'd get together for dinner, drinks and campfires.  This way Steve could work, Debbie could catch up on her blog posts and Ron and I could relax :-)  We went out for dinner one night to nearby Dirtwater Springs.  Debbie and I each ordered the Liquid Marijuana (no drugs but 3 shots of liquor) while the guys ordered a beer to go with our burgers and wings.

Our second site, #34 is a tight pull through spot in the middle of the campground.  We first tried to pull in, but ended up backing out, moving to the front of the spot and then backing in.  Being a giant isn't always easy...  

we were determined to make it work!
Debbie had been telling us about the Flatiron Trail.  It's one of her favorites and she's completed it several times.  We got a late start, meeting on the trail at 11:30.  The sun was out.  And so was the wind.  

looking forward to the hike

Debbie and I as we start the hike

the Thumb

looking down on the thumb

Ron taking a breather while he waits for us

what a hike!

The hike starts out nice and wide.  There is a defined trail to follow.  As soon as we start moving more vertical the trail disappears.  You're basically identifying where you can put your next foot.  I was pretty much on all fours for most of this part.  I think Ron is part mountain goat (LOL) - he makes it look so easy.   I was so thankful that Debbie was there to show us the way!

almost there!

In the above photo Debbie is at the point where we decide to stop and turn around.  It took us about two hours to get to this spot.  We made it about 3/4 of the way to the peak.  After this point it's probably another hour or more to get to Flatiron Peak.  If we kept going, we would be returning in the dark and that isn't safe considering all of the climbing we had to do just to get this far.

more uphill climbing necessary

We were all satisfied with how far we went on the hike.  Now Ron and I know what to expect and when we come back we'll make it to the top!!  I was especially happy with my hike because at one point I was ready to stop.  The wind was very unnerving as it made my hat flap in all directions.  But I took it off and kept going.  Yippee for me!

Ron and I thoroughly enjoyed our vacation!   
evidence of the night before :-)

we all loved our time together!
Rufus enjoyed his vacation too!  Although he couldn't go with us to Flatiron (dogs allowed but it's steep, remember) he had plenty of walks in the park and on other trails.  Plus, he has access to the deck when the weather cooperates.  He's such a lucky dog!

Our departure day was a bit overcast and some rain drops fell prior to hooking up.  I managed to get a nice photo of the Superstitions in the clouds.  

Until next time...


  1. So glad you got to enjoy that beautiful park - it's definitely one of the best in AZ! Good on you for hiking Flat Iron. I'm sure it was great with a pro like Debbie!! Beautiful pic of the mountain in the clouds.

    1. We will definitely be visiting Lost Dutchman again! I see why it's so popular. Yes, Debbie loves to hike :-) The light rain as we were getting up wasn't too nice but the clouds make a spectacular backdrop for the mountains!

  2. We had so much fun, glad you guys came! Wish it was warmer though snd less windy. You guys did great on the hike and hit s good taste for it.Next time, the top!! It’s such a magical place with many trails all around it with. Hurley was happy to have a bud for company.

    1. It's so much more fun to be camping with friends :-) Last week was warm. This week it's back in the 70's. But all is good. The top is our goal!! We went to Usery park on Sunday and took a 4.25 mile hike. Mostly flat but it still counts :-) Got some good photos of Superstition too. Have a great time with your family!


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