September 25, 2014

Sights Of The Early Morning

Ron and I never thought that we would live in the same house for 24 years!  When we first moved here Jessica was a newborn and Alex was 4.  As renters, we would move every year or two.  When we were able to buy our home, we wanted to stay in the same house so our kiddos could have a stable place to call home.

I have driven throughout these same neighborhoods for the past 24 years so I know where I'm going.  However, walking the neighborhood, I see a lot of things that I don't see in a car.  Driving past front yards at 25 mph (I'm a safe driver mind you...) I miss a lot of the little details.

The air has been quite smoky lately due to the King Fire which is burning in El Dorado county.  It's in the Sierras and we live well west of it in the Sacramento valley.  None the less, we've had our share of smokey mornings.

 I usually drive the same route to work, to the grocery store, to the gym, to wherever I'm going.  It's nice to be able to walk the various local streets around my home.  I get a different view and also see plenty of unusual sightings.

 We live outside of California's capital city of Sacramento.  There is no shortage of grocery stores in the area.  In fact, we live between two major chains, Safeway and Raley's.  I walked in the direction of Safeway and about three blocks away there was a shopping cart parked next to the sidewalk.  It appears that during the night a few teenagers gorged on snacks of all kinds and left the evidence behind.

Further along on my morning walk, I spied Tigger.  Poor Tigger, he was all alone in a field of fallen leaves.  There appears to be a day care home across the street.  Perhaps he belongs to one of the kiddos who plays there.  I hope Tigger finds his friend!

I really enjoy seeing how people decorate their front yards.  Some plant flower beds, some have lawns, and some are very unique. Just up the street from us is a very unique tree stump.  It looks like it was a palm tree in a previous life, but it has been transformed into a bear statue.  Another house has a unique Yin Yang symbol made entirely out of colored rocks. 
Our House

One of my favorite sights when I am walking is seeing all of the American Flags flying!

So, now it's your turn.  Get out of the house or RV.  Take a stroll through the neighborhood or campground, heck even the mall.  What are some things you've seen that are unique? 


  1. Hi Rene and Ron,

    Just found your blog on RVillage. We're getting ready to head out in less than a year, and we've been together for 33 years. Getting rid of stuff is the big issue for us right now. The RV we would like to have isn't going to be found anywhere around here, so we have to get away from here first before we can find it. You can follow our progress at, or see what else we do at I just subscribed to your posts, and will try to catch up from the beginning. Hang in there, the time will go quickly.

    1. Nice to meet you John! I'll take a look at your blog and website.
      Sounds like we have a similar story-been together since 1980 and can't wait to start our next chapter!
      I know you'll find your RV!
      Thanks for following and we hope to meet you one day.

  2. Poor Tigger! Tessa and I walk the neighborhood a few times a week and I always enjoy seeing how differently people landscape and decorate. It is a well-established area with lots of mature trees, most of the homes are 40 years old. One house has put in the artificial turf and I'm surprised at how real it looks - definitely something we would do if we were keeping the house! Another house has very large metal ants in the front - an interesting choice. I think Ant medicine is Patience so maybe they have a lot of kids :-)
    See you in a couple weeks!

    1. I believe Tigger found his friend :-) This morning as I walked past the area, I noticed the leaves were in piles and Tigger was nowhere to be found.
      Our neighborhood is about the same age. Unless new people move in the yard decor probably wouldn't change too often. I bet it's worth getting the artificial stuff: no watering or mowing. Simplicity at it's finest!
      Definitely see you soon!


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