October 26, 2014

Halloween Through The Years

My childhood memories:

I can still remember my mom making my sister, Suzie, and I matching Halloween costumes.  She labored for weeks.  First deciding on a pattern.  Then picking fabric, thread and notions. I was maybe 6 or 7.  We were dressed as regal princesses, if my memory serves me well.  That was a very long time ago...  I know she took a photo and I hope she still has it.  It would be great to look at her old photos one day.

It was usually Dad who walked the neighborhood with us.  Mom would stay home and pass candy out to the kids who rang our doorbell.  I remember one time we had already finished our rounds with Dad.  And Mom had run out of candy.  There was a group at the door and she took some of OUR candy and passed it out.  How could she do that?!

Blue Lady
As a teenager, I didn't go out and ring doorbells anymore.  I was the candy passer-outer.  I didn't get invites to parties and I was fine with that.  We were still new in the neighborhood and most of the kids had lived there a long time and had grown up together.  I was the new one in town.

One of my first jobs was at the local drugstore, Longs Drugs.  I worked in the photo department.  Remember when photos were on film and had to be developed?  Our store celebrated the holiday like most other retail establishments: staff could wear a costume if they chose to.  One Halloween I dressed as "Blue Lady".  No, it wasn't the fad at the time.  I was just dressed in everything blue: pants, shirt, hat, hair, jewelry, makeup...

My adulthood memories:


The favorite TV and movie cartoon when Alex was 5 years old was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He was so excited when Ron and I made him his very own turtle shell.  It took us a good two or three weeks to make it.  The shell was made from plaster of paris and newspaper.  Then it was painted.  We made both a front and a back shell.  I made elbow and knee pads, a mask, a belt and the sash that wrapped around both shells using my sewing machine.  He had so much fun wearing his costume.  Ron took him around the neighborhood while I passed out candy.  Jessica was just 1 1/2, too young for trick or treating.

Fairy Wizard

Jessica was 3 1/2 when she too got to wear a home-made costume.  I saw this idea in one the parenting magazines I subscribed to at the time.  The skirt, cape and hat were cut from a sheet.  The stars were cut from various other fabrics and simply sewn on at the tips.  The end of the hat is a piece of tulle.  This year we went trick or treating with two other families.  I got to walk with them.  Fun times!

What a treat for Ron and I to be able to make a costume for each of our kiddos. 

My most recent memories:

Ron and I are empty nesters but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy children dressing up, ringing our doorbell and giving them a sweet treat to enjoy.  We don't decorate our house, so here are a few photos of the houses in the neighborhood.

What are some of your favorite memories from years past or years recent?  Do you decorate your house?  I hope your Halloween isn't too scary or full of miniature zombies... LOL   


  1. My godmother owned a costume design shop and was an amazing seamstress. I had many fabulous costumes as a child but I've only found one photo still remaining :-( I think my boys were power rangers, ninja turtles and goblins most of their growing up years - only the goblins were homemade. I love Halloween and the house is decorated (inside only) from October 1-31 every year. With this being our last big Halloween in the S&B, I've picked three small items to take along. Great post, thanks for the memories :-)

    1. I bet your godmother really enjoyed seeing you wear her creations. Hang on to that one photo you have. Boys definitely like to wear different costumes than girls do. I'm glad you relived some happy memories :-)


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