October 9, 2014

Waiting For Fall

Leaves are turning shades of red and orange.  The days are getting shorter.  The offerings in the produce aisle of the grocery store are changing.  Faux spider webs and gravestones decorate the front yards of neighboring houses.  The signs of fall are all around me, except for a few.
our side yard is in full color right now

Mother Nature is a tricky gal!  She wants us to believe it's the fall season.  The calendar clearly says October.  Yet, the temperature doesn't scream, "It's Fall".  Today's expected high is 95 degrees.  We have been in the 90's for the past week and probably will still be in the upper 80's and lower 90's for the following week.  Really?!  I thought fall included cooler temperatures...

I, for one, am definitely ready for some rain.  I know I live in Sunny California, but we're in drought conditions here.  We need the rain.

Quote from Wikipedia about the wildfires:  By mid-May, fire officials said they had already dealt with 1,400 wildfires in California in 2014 - twice the normal amount for that time of year - and a spokesman for CAL FIRE described the conditions as "unprecedented." By October 9, the total number of wildfires had increased to 5,066, and at least 631,027 acres (255,368 ha) of land had been burned.

 but our backyard is just too green for October

 It seems most of the country is showing signs of fall and even a touch of winter.  So, I have a question for Mother Nature.  When is Fall really going to arrive to California? 

      We're still waiting...

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