February 12, 2015

Dreamy Day

It started out like most any other day...

Except that we were going on a field trip...

We loaded up the Suburban with our equipment and tools so that we could do an on-site repair at an elementary school in the Sierra foothills.  The drive was uneventful so nothing to report there.

The repair went smoothly.  In fact, it was a brand new client and he was thrilled to have found us.

After the repair was complete, we were both hungry.  It was just past 2 in the afternoon and we had skipped lunch.  We planned to take a familiar road down to the town of Auburn to find something quick to eat and then we'd head back to the shop.  This particular road is the one which Ron used to travel all the time when he was a time-clock-punching guy 20+ years ago.  We decided to drive past his old job and see if it had changed.

Yes, it had changed...

Quite a bit!
Knee Deep Brewery, tasty options await

The back end of the building was sub-divided and now there was small brewery located there.  The tasting room was open so we stopped to check it out. 

The entrance is on the side and there are shaded benches.  It was such a nice day and we were hoping to sit there, but alcohol is not allowed outside of the building.  Too bad...

Ron is the beer drinker between the two of us.  Although he doesn't drink often, he does enjoy a good beer every now and then.  As for me, I haven't really found a beer I like so far.  Perhaps today will be different.

Knee Deep Brewing Company started in 2010.  The owner started small and has grown over time.  This facility opened in October 2013.  They serve several year round beers, seasonal beers and even some experimental beers.

menu board
Rene' enjoys her first beer...

Since we weren't sure what we would like we were given small samplers of two different types.  I liked the Citra.  Yes, Rene' actually ordered AND drank a beer!  Ron liked one of the experimental beers called Dryhopped American Barleywine.  There was music playing in the background, other people enjoying their flights or glasses of beer and workers making new brew batches.  One gentleman was reading on his computer while his very fluffy cat sat next to him on the bench.  I wish I had gotten the cat's photo...

Citra on left, Barleywine on right
they were both delicious
You may wonder about the title of this post.  Why Dreamy Day?  The reason is because in my mind, this is the way our life will be once we're on the road full time.  I envision days filled with working, playing, exploring and finding new places to enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as a first beer. 


  1. Love those days. We often go "look up" old worksites and homes - most are still there, some aren't, but none are now cool breweries! There are so many different craft beers lately, I'm not surprised you finally found one you liked :-) Soon you'll have lots of those dreamy days!!

    1. Aahhh, dreamy days ahead :-) Puts a smile on both of our faces!

  2. I had stopped drinking beer many years ago but have found a new love of craft brewery beers. It's as fun as going wine tasting and there are so many different types and tastes. At one brewery we went to last fall there was a book for sale that listed craft breweries by state/province and city. In hindsight, I wish I'd bought it. I haven't been able to find a good web site that lists them like that.

    1. I've never really acquired a taste for beer. It surprised us both that I had liked this particular one. It would be fun to visit other craft breweries from time to time.
      The book sounds like it would be a good reference. Perhaps you can find it on Amazon.
      Thanks for stopping by & commenting!


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