February 21, 2015

Ghost Mountain Ranch Resort

Just the name conjures up images of sitting around a campfire.listening to a good story or song.  I remember camping as a young teenager and the many campfires we would have as a family.  On the weekends when my step-dad would have his daughters, Cathy and Wendy, Cathy would play her guitar and sing songs at the campfire.

singing around a campfire sparks as many memories as the fire itself

Our family belonged to an RV group and we would camp together once a month.  One Christmas Cathy was asked to play and sing as the evening entertainment at our potluck.  She asked me and my sister, Suzie, to join her and Wendy in the singing.  We had a great time figuring out which songs to sing, rehearsing and then finally putting on our show.  I remember we had some of the audience crying as we sang touching melodies for our family and friends.      

Great memories...  back to topic...

Last October when we went to the Pomona RV Show I entered into as many drawings as I could.  You never know when they might 'pick' your name.  Just last night I received a call saying that I was a winner of 20 nights camping, an Android tablet and $100 fuel card.  The caller said there was a resort campground in my area called Ghost Mountain Ranch RV Resort.  Of course Ron and I will have to attend a 90 minute presentation in order to receive our gifts but after looking at the website I'm thinking it might be a fun afternoon.

The Ranch was originally built as a set for the popular 60's TV series "The Virginian".  The location is in the Sierra foothills just outside of Pollock Pines.  It's 325 acres offers many amenities including a swimming pool, BBQ area, old west feel 'ghost town', hiking/biking trails, horseback riding, nearby lakes and golf courses, ice cream parlor, old west style saloon and more.  What more could a girl want?!

It's about an hours drive from our home to the resort.  We have a golf cart tour of the grounds scheduled on an upcoming Sunday afternoon.  We plan to enjoy our day by driving up the hill, eating our lunch at a local restaurant and then taking the tour of the resort before heading back home for the evening.  Of course, we'll probably fall in love with the place.  We'll have to stand our ground and say No Thank You to whatever offer they may come up with for us to join their membership.  I wonder how much it costs...  Guess we'll just have to wait to find that one out.

In the meantime, when I went searching for Ghost Mountain's website I found another website just as interesting.  Campground Membership Outlet offers a variety of campground memberships for resale.  It sounds like a good website to purchase memberships at a reduced price and a way to sell your membership that you aren't using anymore.  Ghost Mountain is part of the Colorado River Adventures group.  Right now the CRA membership resells for $475 on the campground outlet website.  Not that I'm ready to buy into that either.  After all, we don't even have our trailer yet.

I'm hoping that Ghost Mountain Ranch Resort will be the perfect location once we do get our RV.  It's local enough that we could use our 20 nights of free camping on weekends while we are newbies learning about the trailer and the RV lifestyle.  I'll be sure to bring my camera when we visit in a couple of weeks and share the details with you all.           


  1. Looking forward to seeing the pics and to hearing about your experience. We turned down the offer because we won't be here long enough to use the 20 camping nights and they aren't transferrable. Thanks for the link to the membership sales, I'll have to check that out when we're on the road. I find that if you "act" like you're going to buy from the beginning, they save the hard sale for the other people. Then at the end you can just say no :-)

    1. We've been to a few of these types of sales deals before and haven't bought into any of them. A friend has a time share in Incline Village and her family goes there once a year for a week. It works for them and they enjoy it.
      If we ever feel the need to buy into a campground membership we'll take a closer look into the used ones first. I'm glad I found the website and hopefully it helps you one day too.

  2. Watch out for the high pressure sales. They will make you feel like a jerk for not buying and then tell you that when you're ready to buy you wont be welcome.

    1. It takes a certain personality to be able to sell time shares. I know I couldn't do it. Yes, our 'guard' will be on alert for high pressure sales people. I'm almost looking forward to hearing their comeback when we say No Thanks...

    2. And thanks William for stopping by and commenting. Great to have you along on our journey!


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