May 17, 2015

A New Game

It's about time for another Rufus update.  We adopted Rufus in early April. 

Today I wanted to share a game he's taught himself called Hide and Seek.  We all know the game of hide and seek.  If you didn't play this as a kid (or parent with your kiddos), you're missing out on some great fun!

Rufus likes to play this game with his two tennis balls.  He'll purposefully stash them under furniture, like the credenza or couch, and then push them further away from the opening with his paws.  He'll wrestle with them for a time and then get bored and whine.  That means he's ready for help...

Our part of the game is to get down on all fours and retrieve the balls.  Then the game starts all over again :-)

they're an arm's length away

I feel them, I think...

there's one, where's the other?

it's a little too far away for me to grab

Thanks Mom! :-)

How can I resist such cuteness?


  1. So adorable. Great pics of the little guy. Nice to see you are trainable so he can have so much fun :-)

    1. He has quite the personality. Yep, he's training us well :-) LOL

  2. So cute! Our Rosie likes to play hide and seek too, only she wants us to seek HER. She'll run up to the bedroom and hide behind the bedand do a little's adorable!

    1. That does sound like a fun game :-) Cats definitely play different games than dogs. Rufus likes to play with Felix, our neighbor's cat. He'll nudge Felix a little and then run away trying to entice Felix to chase him. Sometimes he does, but mostly he just sits there wondering what a crazy dog Rufus is :-)


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