June 7, 2015

All Together Again

I'm a Happy Mom!

Both of my Kiddos are here for a visit!

Alex and Rocky were the first to arrive.  He drove the 1600 miles in two days!  Talk about die hard driver!  
1600 miles of highway = lots of bugs
Alex is being reassigned to the air base in Kadena, Japan.  He'll be there for the next two to three years.  He decided to take a month of leave to visit family and friends.  Since it may be some time before we see him again, we're more than happy to spend the time with him.  So far we've watched a few TV shows. played some card games and talked about happenings in our lives.  Good times :-)

talking 'tech' with each other
Alex is a technical kind of guy.  He enjoys building computers.  He built a computer for a friend and shared it's innards with Ron who also likes to build computers.  Sometimes it seems as if they speak a language all their own.

Jessica arrived by airplane last night.

Alex, Ron & Jessica, my three favorite people
Jessica broke her foot and needs to use crutches to get around.  Her foot has to be in a boot 24/7.  She would love to go hiking with us but she's limited this trip.  Her only request is to visit Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.  We'll make it happen!

Last night Alex taught us a new game called Boss Monster.  Rocky watched but I think he was more interested in Jessica's bowl of ice cream.

what'cha doing??
Today is a day to relax.  After getting to bed so late last night we all need it.  Alex and Jessica decide to set up a computer game.  Since they're busy with their game, I guess it's time to get back to my blog and write a post.   

relaxing and entertaining at the same time
Ron and I are looking forward to spending some time with our Kiddos in the next couple of weeks!  


  1. How great for you to have them both home, and for the siblings to have that time as well. You'll have to go visit him in Japan - now, that would be an amazing visit!!

    1. It's been since Jessica's wedding in January 2014 that we've all been together. Just hearing their voices together on the car ride home from the airport made me smile :-) Yes, Japan would be an awesome adventure indeed!

  2. Yay! Those are the best times! We are down to our last couple of weeks and it's gone so fast! Hope you all have fun and that Jessica can maneuver through SF!

    1. I'm sure you both miss your Kiddos when you're on the road. Enjoy your time with them, we'll catch up with you guys eventually! Thanks, SF will be fun, even with the crutches :-)


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