March 7, 2016

Getting Rid Of The Crap!

Enough said! 

Time to get rid of the years of accumulated crap that's been sitting in the attic.

The high school yearbooks and a few photo processing envelopes (remember those?!) are awaiting the final decision.  For now they're in the keep pile.

just a little portion of the crap we've held hostage in the attic

The past two weeks we've been mostly getting ready for our trade show.  We leave for Long Beach tomorrow.  Plus, Ron got sick last weekend so that didn't help.  As soon as we get back Friday, we'll be putting our nose to the grindstone to get 'er done

On a side note:  We planted grass seed to fill in the dead patches left from doing our part to conserve water during California's long running drought.  It's started sprouting a week ago and it's looking good :-)  And Ron figured out a way to paint over the wallpaper without removing it. 

We're off to make some new contacts in Long Beach!


  1. Hope the trade show yields some good business. Definitely keep the year books! With Facebook and your upcoming travels you'll visit people you went to school with and be glad you kept them with you. Hauling all that stuff away and coming back with an empty vehicle is the best feeling! Sounds like your list is getting smaller :-))))

    1. Good thinking about the yearbooks.

    2. Jodee,
      Thanks for the good wishes! We are all set up and awaiting the crowds tomorrow :-)
      I was briefly looking through my yearbooks and it was fun to see a few loose photos of me in there. It would be nice to have them for many years so yes, they will be saved.
      It was a fabulous feeling to let go of that stuff. I know I was thinking about having a possible garage sale but in reality, I'd rather not have to deal with the details of one. Been there, done that...
      Back to the list when we get home Friday!

    3. Swetzel,
      Yes, I really enjoyed looking through them. It's a small amount of weight so that isn't going to be an issue.

  2. Have fun in Long Beach. :)

    1. Thank you, we did enjoy ourselves as much as we could when we weren't at the expo. We're back home now and getting ready to roll up our sleeves and dig into the house projects.


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