May 20, 2016

Painting Doors Made Easier

When you have a bunch of doors that need painting, you want to make it as quick and simple as possible, right?

Here's a way to paint two doors at once.  Three of the four sides are easily accessible using this method.

Tools needed:
     One tarp
     Two sturdy sawhorses
     Two lengths of 2" x 4" lumber
     Eight nuts which are all the same size
     Eight pieces of aluminum foil, optional

Step One:
     Place the two sawhorses wide enough apart so that the 2" x 4" lumber will cover the span.  If you're using a tarp to protect the floor, place the sawhorses on top of the tarp.

forgot the tarp, good thing I didn't drip :-)

Step Two:
     Position the two doors on the lumber wide enough apart so that you can paint the adjacent side surfaces without difficulty.

Step Three:
  Place one nut on top of a piece of foil.  Slide them together under the edge of the door.  Ron wanted to use the lumber on another project and didn't want paint on it.  You will have enough nuts to put four under each door.  

 wrapping the foil around the wood helps it stays in place better

be sure to leave some of the foil exposed
see the gap between the lumber and the door?

Step Four:
  Paint the doors.  Ron likes to roll on the paint and then add brush strokes right away.  It works great!

By using this method, I was able to paint the front and both sides of the closet doors with hardly any effort.  Painting the sides is easier this way because there isn't the possibility of having the door stick to the lumber.

Thanks Ron for teaching me this easy solution to paint doors with minimal effort!


  1. Great information! And aren't you glad that when you're done you'll never have to paint any more of them :-))))))


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