August 10, 2016


yep, it's for real :-))


That was more than fast.  That was phenomenal!!

Thursday, July 28th:

When we left McCall we thought we'd stay the night in Winnemuca, NV.  We drove into town somewhere around 9PM.  Ron used his phone to try and find a place to stay.  There was plenty of availability but the prices were too high.  So we kept driving.  We ended up spending the night at Circus Circus in Reno instead.  We went to sleep dreaming of our house "going live on the market" the next morning at 8:30 :-)

Friday, July 29th:

I received the first text around 9:30 asking if they could show our house at 12:30.  SURE!!  And more texts/calls came in asking to show the house.  Again, SURE!!  When we arrived back in town we picked up Rufus from the dog sitters and did some errands around town since we had to be away from the house.  It was kind of nice to be out and about rather than at home working on projects.

They say it only takes one.  We had our first offer before the end of the day! :-))  Turns out the very first people who saw the house fell instantly in love with it and they offered us well over our asking price! WOW!!  High 10's were happening in the Kipp household...

Saturday, July 30th:

More people wanted to view the house.  Again, SURE!!  Offer #2 came in today.  Not quite as high as Offer #1 but still over asking price!  More high 10's were exchanged.

Sunday, July 31st:

A couple of viewings today.  Offer #3 came in today.  It was priced somewhere in the middle of Offer #1 and Offer #2.  It came with a sweet letter too from a young family with a baby on the way.  We wanted to accept this offer (because of the letter), too bad the $$ didn't match Offer #1...
Monday, August 1st:

Offer #1 accepted!  Counter offer #1 accepted!!  And, just like that we're in escrow!!  So many high 10's have been made around here lately.  Things seem to be falling into place for us.

Present Day:

The home inspection is done.  There are some noted repair issues.  Two of them are so minor that they're already taken care of and didn't cost us anything more than some time.  The other two-minor roof repairs and some dry rot issues will be dealt with by the pros.
The pest inspection is done.  As we already knew, there are a few places which need work to rid the house of the dry rot.  We have contractors here as I write making the necessary repairs.

The roof inspection is done.  There's a little bit of work to do and then we'll get the 2 year certification that the buyers want.  That work will happen once the eaves and rafter tails are repaired.

The home appraisal is done.  The results match the over asking sale price!  Again, more high 10's :-)

Our Plan:

We'll be living full time in the RV-still to be purchased.  We rented a site with full hookups in a nearby town.  We signed a year lease with month to month once the lease is up.  We'll have in and out privileges so we can unhook and take off whenever we want/need to.  The park is small so we'll be part of the family.  It has a pool, onsite laundry and even comes with a small outdoor shed.

We'll keep the shop for now.  We still have customers for our fabrication side of the business, Plastic Pros.  Also, PolyMenders has customers dropping off tanks, kayaks and even slides at the shop.

We want to keep some of our furniture so we've rented a small storage locker.  I'm sure eventually it will no longer be needed but it'll serve it's purpose for now.

House Photos:

As promised here are some of the professional photos that were instrumental in our great success.  I'm sad to say that they're quite small and when I make them bigger it's pretty grainy.  So put on your readers, you'll need 'em...

Our future is looking quite promising.  Just gotta get through the next few weeks.

Our first road trip will be back to Idaho in early September for a wedding!


  1. Wow! You were really meant to sell that house :-) Good for you guys!! It looks wonderful. Your plan sounds so exciting, can't wait to see the new trailer.

    1. We had some neighbors stop by and ask how we did it so fast. The truth is: lots of sweat and hard work!! We're quite excited to be in the RV and as soon as we get it, the world will get to see it :-))


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