August 8, 2016

We Needed This Break

what happens in McCall, stays in McCall ;-)
We've been so focused on getting our house ready for selling that we've neglected ourselves for quite some time.  Our overall sanity was almost non-existent.  We needed a vacation!

Our daughter, Jessica and her husband, Mike were planning to visit Mike's grandparents at their home in McCall, Idaho.  Dan and Cathie invited us to come out for a few days so we could visit with the kids.  Also invited were Mike's mom and sister.  It would be a mini family get together.

We were planning to leave Sunday, July 24 but it didn't work out that way.  We were up until 2AM that night/morning trying to get the house show ready...  The photographer was scheduled to arrive at 10AM.

We sent a quick email to Suzanne letting her know we were still at the house and that we wouldn't interfere with the photographer.  She was super understanding and sympathetic to our situation.  I'm actually glad we were here because we were able to move a few pieces of furniture which otherwise might have been obtrusive (computers and such).  The photos are absolutely gorgeous.  I'll be sharing them in my next post.

For now let's concentrate on our vacation to Idaho...

We finally got on the road Monday night around 5PM.  We were wanting to stop along the way somewhere to spend the night.  We thought perhaps a place in Winnemuca, NV would work.  If we had stayed there it would mean a long-a$$ drive the next day.  We were ready to drive further but there really is NOTHING between Winnemuca  and Boise.  We'd been in communication with the kids (they were already with Dan and Cathie) on our progress.  We were more than happy to accept an invitation to spend the night at Dan and Cathie's condo in Boise!!  Yippee, no hunting for a hotel :-)  We got there sometime between 2 and 3AM.  After sleeping comfortably it was time to hit the road again.

We arrived in beautiful McCall, ID just as it was time to go to the boat rental office.  Talk about perfect timing!  A quick unloading of suitcases and a change of clothes and we were at the dock.

our ride for the afternoon
The weather was perfect.  Wispy clouds, just the right amount of wind and mid 80's made our mood swing from frantic to relaxed in a matter of minutes.

We had the boat for 4 hours.  Most of the time was spent puttering about.  We did have some beach time for lunch, some time for deep water swimming and of course some time for laying in the sun. 

Payette Lake goes from beach to woods in a matter of feet

the gang enjoys frolicking in the water
four brave souls take up deep water swimming
can you see me now??
Jessica and Heather soaking up the afternoon sunshine
Once the boat was returned it was time for burgers and brew at the local bar and grill.  Although we had just arrived earlier in the day, Christine, Mike's mom, and Heather, Mike's sister, had to start their trek back to Sacramento.  Heather had her first day of work at a new job and she couldn't be late.  Luckily for us they live in the same town so we can see them often.  I'm sure they're glad to have been able to spend some time with their family.

Wednesday started as a lazy day for us.  We had the pleasure of staying in the above garage guest apartment.  Cathie is the designer of the entire house.  The first building completed was the garage and upstairs apartment.  It's similar to a studio apartment but so much better!  We were still a bit weary from our long drive the two days before and we really didn't want to get moving but there was fun to be had...

Fun in the back country of Idaho, where you can shoot rifles and pistols without anyone asking why :-)  Here's a little info about me that you may not know.  My mom is a retired San Jose, California police officer.  She was one tough cop too.  Her duty was to patrol the crime ridden streets of San Jose.  She was solo most of the time and I'm sure she could tell stories that would frighten most people.  She keeps most of the horror stories to herself though.  Growing up as a child of a police officer I have the utmost respect for fire arms of any kind.  I have never held or shot a gun.  That is until this trip to McCall, ID.

Dan borrowed a clay skeet thrower and a few guns too.  Of course, some of the ones we shot belong to family too.  Cathie brought a gun that belonged to her grandfather, a double barrel shotgun from 1912.  Mike said it had quite the kick.

L-R: Cathie, Jessica, Dan, Mike & Ron

Ron gets into position

Jessica was the winner shooting the most targets :-)

look closely and you can see target fragments

Jessica and Mike take turns

I may be a newbie at this, but I hit a couple too :-)

yep, first time holding, let alone shooting a pistol for me...
After a few hours of shooting the sun was beginning to turn some of us a few shades of pink.  Time to lay low for awhile.  It was also a great time to get in a bite to eat and some ice cream with Jessica.  We snuck her away and held her hostage for a small bit of time :-))

it's always a good time when we can visit with one of our kiddos!
As a small thank you I made dinner for the gang.  I brought my Instant Pot along with a recipe book.  Turns out Jessica and Mike also have an IP.  I let Mike pick the meal.  He's a chili fan and picked Chicken Chili.  It was a big hit with everyone.  No leftovers for this hungry family.  And since I cooked it was only fair that I volunteer Mike and Ron for clean up duty.

real men wash dishes!
After another comfy sleep in our mountain oasis, it was morning all too soon.  And this was the day we had to pack up and leave this mountain paradise.  But not before first having another glorious adventure with Jessica and Mike.  We put on our tennis shoes, carried our water bottles and slathered on the sunscreen before heading out to nearby Ponderosa State Park.  We took the scenic route to one of the marshes in the park.  Along the way we chatted, took some photos, laughed and we all had a great time.

they call it a marsh, I call it serene
as he gets a photo of me...
I get a photo of Mike
the trees are so big and it smells wonderful too  
looks like the looney bin is missing a few faces...

When we reach the marsh we're all feeling a bit goofy.  It's hard to believe Ron and I have to go home today.  We've had a great mini vacation.  Next time we'll have to stay longer!!

A most sincere Thank You to our wonderful hosts: Cathie and Dan


  1. What a fun time with family in a beautiful place! So fun to get out on the water for a few hours - that swimming looks wonderful. Interesting that you had never gone shooting with your mom, even at a range. Growing up in the desert I did a lot of shooting with my dad, and then with my sons. It's weird that it can be so "fun". Great loony bin pic!!!!

    1. If you're ever in the area, McCall has everything you could need. Just be sure to go when the snow is tucked away for the summer :-) My mom is a private person. I guess she knew I didn't care for guns so she didn't want to 'force' me into it. I'll have to ask her one day. I suppose it was fun because it was new to me. Yes, the water excursion was just what we needed :-) Yep, love the looney bin photo too!

    2. AND that pic of you two on the log is adooooorable!!


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