December 24, 2016

Decked Out For Christmas

Christmas decorations in an RV?  Sure, why not!    

This is our first year celebrating Christmas in Roamin.  I definitely want to decorate.  I just need to scale down the size.  

When we lived in the house I would set up the 6' tree with ornaments that we acquired over the years.  Some hand made by relatives.  Some made by the kiddos.  Most store bought.  All full of memories.  When we downsized the tree was donated.  Most of the ornaments were also donated.  I did save a few special ones though.  They're in storage because they won't fit on our RV sized tree.

Ron and I wanted a small tree that would fit on the narrow rear counter top.  We use our kitchen table multiple times a day so a table top tree wouldn't work for us.  We looked at Amazon and at a few local stores before finding a perfect tree at Walmart.  And what goes best with small trees?  Small decorations do.  I'm the tree decorator at our house.  This year I was done in a jiffy!


The tree is cute but we wanted something to go along with it.  We bought some garland with lights.  So one afternoon while Ron was out and about I turned on the Christmas music and finished up with the interior decorations.

The garland is hung with Command hooks.  They are an RV'ers best friend IMO.  The photo is the kitchen slide but garland is also on the dining room slide too.  I kept the kiddo's stockings and hung them too :-)

Apparently Rufus doesn't care if the house is decorated or not.  LOL :-))

There's presents under the tree.  Christmas music is playing on the radio.  Dinner is cooking.  The fire is going.  We even had a visit from our friend, Santa, known by the name Gary 364 days a year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Friends!!


  1. Merry Christmas!! The tree and decorations look great!

    1. Merry Christmas to you both too! Thanks :-)

  2. Darling! I can NEVER get Command strips to stick - they fall off no matter what surface I put them on. You'll have to tell me the trick :-) I picked up a 3 ft tree this year and after none last year, it made all the difference! Love your garland!

    1. Thanks. The package says to clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol and I honestly never do. Maybe that's the trick?? I did see your tree on FB. It looks fantastic! Ours is about 22" tall. It does make a difference having one. It just isn't Christmas without a tree!! I put an ornament at the apex of each of the garland sections for a little extra color. Very first time with garland so I was pretty happy with the way it turned out :-) Merry Christmas to you and Bill :-)


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