December 30, 2016

Friends, Family And An Engagement

With the New Year almost here Ron and I are thankful for many things:


We first met Steve and Debbie a few months before they began their full-time adventure in 2014.  We've remained friends ever since.  When they come to California to visit their family for the holidays we have a fun get together.  This year we spent an entertaining evening at Dave 'n Busters, a bar/restaurant/arcade for kids of all ages :-)  Then we did some geocaching in the area and Steve found a micro cache.

friends and drinks just go together

Debbie and Steve

some serious skee-ball happening here

Steve found a tiny surprise in the canister
Steve and Debbie have been so helpful to us as we join the ranks of full-time RV'ers.  They answer simple and sometimes silly questions we pose to them.  We hope to return the favor one day to future full-timers. On a side note, we are now among the ranks of geocachers.  Our caching name is PolyMenders and as of this writing we have 5 finds so far.  I'll write a post about our first adventure soon.


We haven't had too many family members here yet.  Our daughter lives in Maryland.  Our son lives in Japan.  We're in California.  We are planning to go to Japan in March but Roamin will have to stay behind.  We're hoping to get to Maryland over the summer at some point. 

We did spend Thanksgiving with my aunt and uncle.  Just a few days ago their son, my cousin, came to visit them.  So David came by to see us too :-)

best cousins, he's 2 months older than me


Last week our oldest child, Alex, made a life change, it's all good!!  Let me tell you a little background first.  Alex is one of those people who never has to study for a test, yet aces it.  He is self sufficient and doesn't believe in free handouts.  He says what is on his mind.  He has had girlfriends in the past but none seem to have captivated him quite like Kana.  She brings out the best in him!  And I'm very proud to say that Alex and Kana are engaged to be married!!  :-))

awww, they're so happy!!

Kana is a nurse.  Alex has said that when they move back to the states (he goes where the Air Force sends him) that she will get her US license for nursing.  She will likely be in high demand since she's fluent in both English and Japanese.  Ron and I are looking forward to meeting her soon :-)

So Many things happened in 2016 for us.  What about you?  What are some of the best happenings in your life in 2016?  Feel free to comment.  I love to hear what's on your mind too.


  1. Aw, thanks! We had fun with you guys as usual and Red is looking very good and we can't wait to get back on the water with him! Congrats on your son's engagement! Fun things coming up for you guys next year and we hope to cross paths back east! Happy New Year!

    1. I wanted to add pictures of Red but they're on the computer at the shop. Hopefully you'll find a water way soon. It would be great to see you guys on the road sometime! Perhaps we can be campground neighbors :-) Happy New Year to you both!


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