December 10, 2016

Roamin Goes To The Lake

When we left the Monterey area our vacation wasn't quite over just yet.  We had reservations at Millerton Lake State Park near Fresno for four nights.  Another one day of work to tend to in Fresno and then we had free time until the following Monday.  The best part was that my aunt Sandi & uncle John and their dog, Kestrel, would be staying at the same park too!

getting set up is becoming easier

The FHU area is a parking lot with a grassy area behind the rig.  There are plenty of dry camping spots too.  The dry camping area is gravel and less level.  Sandi and John prefer to dry camp.  We aren't quite ready for that just yet but we hope to try it once we get more used to this lifestyle.

We actually had a bit of 'mock dry camping' while we were here.  For some unknown reason our water line wasn't working quite right.  When we hooked up to city water, the water was forced into our fresh water tank.  To solve the problem we disconnected the city water and used water from the fresh tank by using the water pump.  We spoke with a tech at Camping World after we finished working in Fresno.  He said that something might have simply made the actuator fill the tank.  We decided the best course of action would be to call our local CW once we returned home and have the part replaced under warranty.  We had to fill the tank each evening before turning in for the night so we'd have enough water for our morning showers, but it wasn't so bad.  I'm happy relieved to report that once we got Roamin set up back at home, all is well and we haven't had any more issues with the city water hookup :-))   

the lake is a short walk away from our site

We found ourselves taking Rufus down to the shoreline a few times.  He really enjoys his free time to run around off leash.  I'm not sure where the other campers spent their time but I'm glad they weren't down here because we had the area practically to ourselves.  There are plenty of trails in the park.  On our next trip here we'll spend more time walking them.

Thanksgiving Day was spent with John, Sandi and Kestrel.  We had agreed upon a pot luck style meal for dinner.  John is vegetarian and Sandi is allergic to turkey, so that worked best for all.  Sandi made a pot roast, rolls and brownies.  I made spicy black beans in the Instant Pot and bought a bag of kale/broccoli salad.  It was a delicious meal and John even ate some of the pot roast.  He said it had been years since he had meat...

Sandi, Kestrel and John

we can actually fit four at our table :-)
We all had such a good time together.  I'm so glad I invited them to join us.  They wanted to do something for Thanksgiving but just hadn't decided what to do or where to go.  We're looking forward to another trip together in the future.      


  1. How nice to have friends over for Thanksgiving. Even Rufus had a buddy. The lake was pretty.

    1. Yes, we all had a great time together. Rufus and Kestral enjoyed playing too. It's a nice campground and lake. I'm sure it's quite busy during the summer as nearby residents likely go there for relief from the hot summer sun.

  2. How fun! I love that you're able to mix work with travels and fun with friends - and that Rufus is enjoying it as well :-) Looks like a great spot. We're staying in Fresno in May and were going to stay in our family's lot, but may check this out if we're going to stay awhile. Glad the water issue resolved itself - I find things often do - and that setting up is already getting easier.

    1. We do seem to have the best of both worlds now that we're living in Roamin. It is a nice place to camp and explore. Fresno is a quick 20-25 minute scenic drive away. It was $40/night FHU when we stayed. It's also open for day use if you get a better overnight rate elsewhere. I'm sure Tessa would enjoy running on the beach here :-)


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