December 27, 2014

R 'n R For Us

There's nothing quite as peaceful and rejuvenating as taking time off!

Time off from our normal routine of work, gym, sleep and do it all over again has been wonderful.  Ron and Alex have been playing video games the past two days while I have been reading my favorite blogs on the laptop and books on Kindle.

Roladin: a family favorite
Of course we still have to eat, so I brought along a few recipes that are family favorites.  I'll leave the copies with Alex.  He prefers not to cook, but eventually he may want to cook them for a special lady...

We have also enjoyed our time by playing board games and card games.  A few months back Jessica and Mike introduced us to an online game called Catan.  The game is a mixture of luck and strategy: always a winning combination.   Alex has the board game, so we spent 2-3 hours playing it Christmas Day. 

Alex (green) is beating us!
Not wanting to totally skip the gym, Ron and I went to the local Planet Fitness yesterday.  We have a membership that allows us to visit other gym locations throughout the country.  When I was here in 2012, I had to drive nearly 40 minutes to get to the gym.  Now there is a newer gym just 12 minutes away.  After our workout we used the HydroBed massage bed.  The name says it all: it's a bed with pulsating water jets which travel the length of the bed massaging your entire body.  It has controls to adjust the water pressure, speed of travel and area of travel.  What a great way to finish up a workout!  We definitely need one or two of these at our home gym...

view out the front door
Today we woke up to whiteness everywhere and more still falling.  Yep, it's SNOWING!!!  It's a rare treat for us.  The forecast dictates that our planned day of departure, Monday, is when the next arctic blast of cold air will start making it's way south.  We should be past the high mountain passes before it gets too far south.  By Wednesday next week, Alex will be looking at a high of 27 degrees.  Good thing he still has another couple weeks of vacation time.      

The time here is flying by and soon we'll be loading up the rental car and driving 1654 miles back to our home.  But for now, we'll enjoy ourselves, drink a few more beers, be lazy, play more games and enjoy the company of our son.


  1. So wonderful that you're having this down time with Alex - and a bit of the white stuff is a real treat!! Glad you're keeping an eye on the weather for your trip home - 'tis that time of year. That rig we fell in love with in October? Well we bought it today back at the Pomona fairgrounds! The dealer was having their own "show", the rig we wanted was there, they made us a great deal, we loved how it drives, so we'll go pick it up in a couple weeks :-))))))

    1. YIPPEE for you! Congratulations from both of us!!!

  2. Jealous I am, Jodee!!! But very happy for you both! Congrats!


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