December 3, 2014

We Need More Days Like Today!

California has had a very dry year (or two) lately.  We could use more rainy days like today. 

Our lake water levels are quite low.  Our local Folsom Lake is currently at 29% capacity.  After looking at the CDEC chart I see that some water sources are as low as 4%.  The highest is at 98%.  My aunt and uncle live just outside of Yosemite and their well water comes from Lake McClure which is currently at 7%.  Yikes! 

Although we did get a fair share of the rain today, our house is safe and dry.  Years ago Ron put in drainage in the back yard at key points.  So now the rain water flows through piping along the back walkway to the side yard out to the curb and also under the kennel to the curb on the opposite side of the house.

According to our very crude water gauge (AKA a home depot 5 gallon bucket) we've received a little over 3" of rain since Monday afternoon.  We have the bucket set in an area where the house and tree aren't directly over it.

Hopefully California can recover from the water shortage soon!  For now, I'll take all the rain the clouds can drop...
rainbow from the font porch



  1. Although driving home from Cayucos on Tuesday was slightly challenging on Hwy 101 - we are so glad to finally get some measurable precipitation! Would like to see the next moisture hold off until after our move - right now the forecast is for 60% chance on the 12th - our moving day :-( Good to see you got so much up there as well!!!!

    1. Yes, let's keep the rain away on the 12th! Bet you're up to your eyeballs in moving boxes about now!? Keep your sanity-it'll be crazy for awhile and then it'll be very, very awesome!!


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