December 19, 2014

Sad, Sad Day

We knew it was inevitable...
We know pets are only here for a short time...
We loved him dearly...
How could he be gone so quickly?

Apollo is gone from this world. but he waits for us in the next.  He waits at the Rainbow Bridge.  He waits with his brothers and sisters that we've had the pleasure of loving the last 30 or so years.  He waits with Bridgette, Bear, Keesha, Thunder, Zeus and Sampson.  To them, it's a short wait...  To us, it's a life time...

Gotta get that itch!

wanna play?

Ron and I at 50 years each! Oct 2013

 at the beach with Alex, Dec 2010

sunset silhouette, Dec 2010

Fort Funston, SF, Aug 2011

running in the river

he loved the water, as long as his feet touch ground...

if you toss it, I will fetch it!

Rest In Peace dear, dear Apollo


  1. Knew I'd have tears, but had to read it anyway :-( Even knowing what the end is like we still bring them into our lives for all those wonderful years in between. Although I didn't get to meet him, I will always think of him playing in that fountain from the video you posted......silly dog, so happy :-) Hugs to you and Ron and Alex.

    1. He was a very happy boy and brought happiness to all who knew him. He was our gentle giant. He was with us for 9 1/2 years and the time just flew by. I still remember picking him up from the breeder. He was the last male from the litter and so cute!
      His favorite things were fetch, playing in the water and getting love from Mom and Dad :-)
      Hugs back.

  2. I am still faced with daily reminders of Apollo. His toys, bed, bowl, favorite spots to crash in the house…even when making my morning shake when he’d often get a “treat” from my bag of frozen fruit, or when cutting broccoli for dinner and his perfectly mannered and patient body sitting at the edge of the kitchen in hopes he would get a piece of his very favorite “treat”. At the end of the night he would always know before we even tell him…it’s time to go out for “business” and then go to bed. If we dallied when coming back in, he would be standing ½ way into the laundry room staring at his bed, waiting for us to lay it down for him.
    I miss everything about you Apollo, even your musical farts! Lol Although all of our dogs were very special to me, you were my favorite, far above all others! Your gentle nature, happiness, intelligence, playfulness, politeness, protectiveness and your relentless need to please is replaced by sadness in my heart. This hole will take time, and a lot of it, to heal. Rest In Peace my dear friend :-(

    1. Well said. He knew we loved him. He is definitely missed!


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