December 8, 2014

Rocky's Upcoming Adventure

I like to lay down in somewhat inconspicuous spots

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Rocky.  Rene' and I will be taking a trip together soon and she thought I might like to share my thoughts on this by answering a few questions.

Q: Who owns you?
A: My human, Alex, thinks he owns me.  The opposite is true, of course, as ALL humans are owned by the felines in their home!

Q: Why the name Rocky?
A: The truth is I had a rocky kittenhood.  I was abandoned and dropped off at a shelter.  I put notices on the internet trying to find a great human and Alex saw the ad.  So my name became Rocky. 

Q: Why are you here?
A: Some of your readers may already know that my human is in the Air Force and he's deployed far, far away right now.  Our home is in Oklahoma but I like to visit with my grand-humans from time to time.  It's too bad that Ron is allergic to me :-(  As a result, I am staying with my friend, Domino, and her human, Charles, for now.  Rene' visits me here and brings us toys.
Domino and I like to take naps on Charles' chair

Q: How do you plan do get home to Oklahoma?
A: Alex brought me here in a big, noisy airplane.  I was so uncomfortable under the seat.  Don't get me wrong, I like the smell of Alex's feet, but there were other smells and strange sounds and I was a little bit nervous and scared.  So, Rene' agreed to drive me home :-)
perfect size home for yours truly, and Alex too I suppose...
Q: What do you like to do during your days?
A: When Domino and I first met in 2012, we weren't too sure about each other.  She thought she was the queen of the household.  Ha, I fooled her.  Once I familiarized myself with the lay of the house, it was easy to claim which furniture I was going to be taking over.  She thought she got rid of me that fall, but I've been back since July.  But I digress.  In answer to the question, I enjoy naps, playing with the toys Rene' brings, jumping on the computer stand and getting scratched behind the ears.

Q: When will you and Rene' begin your adventure?
A: I would like to be back home just after Alex arrives.  In order to accomplish this we plan to leave in a couple of weeks.  The only change would be if Alex does not return as soon as he hopes.
peek-a-boo, I see you
 Q: What do you miss most about Oklahoma?
A: I miss my favorite toys.  I have three scratching poles, a tunnel, boxes to hide inside of, crinkled paper tubes, beer bottle tops and so many other toys.  I like to spread them all over the house, but Alex will ruin the set up I have and put them back in the toy box.  I also miss Alex.  He scratches my tummy.  That's one thing I won't let anyone else do.
I really like the tummy scratches!
Q: Did you enjoy your time here in California?
A: Yes, I did.  I think Domino did a great job of keeping me entertained.  She has a fun side to her that I will remember long after the car pulls out of the driveway.  I think I may just come for a third visit one day :-)



  1. You may have had a rocky start but it sounds like you're living the rock star life now! Having chauffer service all the way to Oklahoma is service befitting only the most special of felines. Rene may want to see Alex too, but I'm sure that's only second to her desire to transport you in comfort :-) Hoping for no delays in Alex's return - fingers and toes crossed!!

    1. Yes, Rocky is definitely a rock star :-) He says thank you for your kind thoughts for Alex too :-)


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