March 24, 2015

A Necessary Evil

Yes, I said it, they're evil...

I'm talking about LAUNDROMATS!!

I have been very fortunate NOT to have to frequent the laundromat (very often).  My folks always had a working washer and dryer growing up.  The apartments Ron and I lived in had washers and dryers available.  Our first duplex came with hookups for machines.  So, we bought our first pair of laundry machines when Alex was a toddler.  We were in heaven!  After 25 years of living in this house, we're on our second set of these heavenly appliances.

We have a standard size washing machine here at home.  It can wash a couple pairs of pants plus 3 sweatshirts and a few t-shirts in one load.  It can not wash a comforter, even a twin size one.  The one I found in the attic a few days ago was desperately needing a thorough washing.  So, off to the laundromat I went.  I figured since I was going, I might as well bring the one from the Suburban.  We use it when we have something to haul and don't want to get the carpet too dirty.

I'd say I frequent the laundromat maybe once or twice per year.  Thankfully I have a handy husband who is able to repair our units if necessary.  So how do you go about finding a good laundromat?  The first time I had to use one I looked in the phone book-remember those?  It was convenient enough, only a 5 minute drive from the house.  Unfortunately it was one of the ones your mother warned you about... dirty floors, dirty machines and broken machines with 'Out Of Order' signs taped on them.  It had two small benches so only a couple of people could actually sit down while their wash was processing.  The one folding bench was usually busy when I had to go there.  It's no wonder they went out of business.  Time to find another laundromat.  Oh Joy!

I must say, I am happy to report that Paradise Laundry is my kind of business.  The owners actually take care of the place, regularly :-)  The machines are clean.  They have a row of standard washers, a row of double and triple load washers, even a 5 load washer.  Wow!  There are two walls of dryers with 8 on one wall and another dozen on the opposite wall.  There is a long bench running the length of the right interior wall.  There is a long folding table running along the left wall.  There are even 'games' under the folding tables for the little ones.  If you bring extra quarters with you, you can enjoy a snack from the vending machine or play a video game while your laundry is going.  There is a change machine if you didn't bring enough quarters and the larger load washers even take debit/credit cards.  Free wi-fi too for those that want it.

snacks and a video game to whittle away the time

view as you walk in: folding tables, single loaders, multi loaders and benches with dryers in the back area

games to keep the little ones busy

8 dryers on this wall, 12 opposite them

double and triple load washers

single load washers

I was there this past Thursday evening.  I arrived around 7PM and was the only one there at the time.  A few people wandered in before I left.  I put both of the comforters together in a double load washer.  It cost me $3.75.  The wash cycle took about 30 minutes.  Next up was the dryer.  Again, they both fit into the dryer together.  The cost was 25 cents for 7 minutes.  I dropped in 3 quarters.  To my surprise, they were completely dry in 15 minutes.

In and out in about an hour.  I am glad I found this laundromat.  I just hope that when we are on the road, we are lucky enough to find this level of cleanliness and quality in a laundromat.


  1. Wow, that's like the nicest Laundromat I've seen! Went to them all the time in college, but maybe a couple times since then. I suspect we'll have to find a couple in our travels because the machines in the rig aren't very big. Love the games on the walls under the counters..... :-)

    1. I've actually been coming to this laundromat for several years. I only come here out of necessity. One time the owners were here and I had a chance to chat with them. They take great pride in their business and it shows. They even offer a drop off service during the weekdays, for an extra fee of course.
      Yep, like I said a necessary evil when it comes to RV life and laundry... Hopefully you find good ones in your travels!

  2. Great Find! It looks like a good laundromat my motorhome doesn't have a washer/dryer set so I'm going to start going to laundromats. This one looks great. :)

    1. This one has gotten great reviews on Yelp and has won the 'best of laundromats' category in the Sacramento magazine several years running.
      Seems like the on-board machines get a mixed review anyway. I'm thinking I'd rather have the extra storage space myself.
      Two months away! The time will fly!!!


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