March 12, 2015

We're Ready For Another RV Show

Spring is almost here and so is Camping Season.  Although, if you plan it right, it's always Camping Season!

It's March and time for the annual RV Show at Cal Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento.  This year, as in years past, there will be a dozen dealerships selling hundreds of units.  This will be our third consecutive year attending this event.

On our first visit to the show two years ago, we had already thought of the idea that one day we could have an RV and work from the road.  We actually found out about the show when Burk, Ron's brother, said he and Karen would be attending.  They invited us to join them.  Burk and Karen told us that they had hoped to get a 5th wheel. When Burk has to travel for work they could pull the trailer and bring their home with them.  We told B & K about our idea for our working retirement and the fever began!

We began talking about all things RV with Burk & Karen.  We talked about the different types of RVs and why a 5th wheel would work better for them.  We walked into many different types of RVs.  We sat in them to rest our feet and also to talk about what it would be like in our new life.  It was quite a learning experience that first time at a show.

Fast forward two years and we have made an almost 180 turn from that first trip to a show.  We are now highly considering a travel trailer where we first thought a 5er would be best.  We are now ready to start part-time RVing instead of jumping right into full-time living in the RV.

Will we find a great deal at this show and buy one?  Who knows...

But, it's always fun to look!


  1. Even though we already have the MH, an RV show sounds like so much fun! Bill thinks I'm nuts, says he never has to go to another one :-) Have a great time and maybe you'll have something new to share next week :-)))))

    1. I can see his point, but I agree with you. It would be fun for me too.
      Fingers crossed :-)

  2. Sounds fun, going to the show. We had a plan the last time we attended the local show and ended up going back a second day. Met a few factory reps and were able to sit down and talk with them. We had a 30 foot travel trailer in the past and loved it. Only issue for me was the storage is not what I thought we would need for fulltime. Ours had a bedroom in the back and living room up front with the kitchen in the center. It had two exit doors, one from the living room/kitchen area and one from the back bedroom. The bathroom was a walk-through type so when the bathroom doors leading to the bedroom and front part of the trailer were shut, we could use the hallway in the bathroom as extra space to move around. Having the exit door from the back of the trailer meant no one would be trapped if someone was in the bathroom. Okay setup for two people. With the fifth wheel we would be considering having the same setup but with the toilet behind a separate door from the rest of the bath and only one exit door.

    Have fun and let us know if you find any interesting rigs.

    1. It was fun to see so many rigs, yet taxing at the same time. We fell in love with a Rockwood trailer but it weighs more than we're comfortable towing. Ron is looking into ways to 'beef up' the Suburban so we can add some additional towing capacity.
      We went yesterday and again today. Guess we have some more homework to do before we settle on a model.


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