March 30, 2015

In The Dog House

I'm in the dog house!  Quite literally :-) 

It's for a great reason though!  We'll be bringing Rufus home this Saturday!!

Actually it was Ron's idea to start with.  He had a spot in his heart that was empty since the passing of Apollo last December.  He just couldn't rid himself of the want for a dog.  He began the search for a dog that we could adopt into our little family. 

But this new dog would be different than the majority of our previous dogs.  Ron was looking for a small to medium size dog weighing 15-20 pounds.  One that doesn't shed too much.  A dog around the age of 6-18 months.  A rescue dog rather than one purchased from a breeder.

Ron looked at the local dog rescue sites online for two weeks before deciding to fill me in on his plan.  He fell in love with Rufus, a terrier/mini Schnauzer mix.  From the description he will be a wonderful dog for us.  He's 14 months old, weighs 17 pounds, great with kids (not that we have any), men and women and cats too.  They say he's a cuddler.  We meet him this coming weekend.  If all goes well, we'll have another dog to love!

Since we lost Apollo, his kennel and dog house were left untouched.  It desperately needed a bath and scrub.  So out came a scrubby sponge, buckets of water and simple green cleaner.   I elected myself volunteer for this job.

Rufus will be an indoor dog most of the time.  We even plan to bring him to work with us.  But, there will be times when he'll need to 'be a dog' and stay in the kennel.  We wanted to make sure it was ready for him. 

The window and the vinyl door are back in place.  The dog bed cover is freshly washed too.  All that's missing is a dog.  Originally made for our large Rottweiler, I'm thinking Rufus may just get lost in here... 


  1. Oh I'm so excited about your new family member!! We made the same transition from big shepherds to a smaller, non-shedding dog, and Tessa is the best pal either of us has ever had. And she's just right for our new life :-) That kennel does look like a mansion for a 17# pup!!

    1. I remember the story of how Tessa came to join your family. I hope to meet her one day.
      We're excited to meet Rufus and hopefully he'll like us too :-) The kennel didn't seem so big when it housed two or three big dogs! Yes, there was a time when we had a large lab and two rotties!!


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