April 6, 2015

Meet Rufus, Our Newest Sidekick

The hole in our hearts is full again!

R 'n R 'n R
Ron and I arrived at Animal Friends Connection Humane Society at our appointed time slot Saturday afternoon.  Sue was on the phone and asked us to wait at the small table in the lobby.  While we were waiting, Rufus' foster parents brought him in.  The first thing we ALL noticed was that Ron and Rufus have matching goatees :-)

Rufus was shy and wanted to climb up on 'foster dad'.  They reassured Rufus that we were his new parents.  He gave us a few kisses and gobbled up some chicken treats from us.  After 30-40 minutes 'foster mom and dad' left, saying their goodbyes to Rufus.  We reassured them that Rufus would be spoiled!

Rufus likes his new toy!
The spoiling started immediately.  On our way to the shelter we stopped at a pet store for a couple of toys, a collar and a new leash.  Then on the way back home we stopped at the same store for food and hugs from the staff and temporary vet clinic doctors.  Rufus wasn't shy at all :-)

he's a happy boy

As expected Rufus is learning what he can and can not chew (toys vs shoes), what he can and can not jump on (couch vs bed) and how to walk on a leash.  He is self entertaining.  It's a riot when he throws his toys to play fetch with himself!

Sunday we took Rufus to another dog store with indoor dog bath stations.  After his bath we walked around for a bit at the outdoor shopping center.  Since it was Easter, there weren't many people strolling about.

He'll be coming to work with us today for more spoiling and loving from his new family :-) 



  1. I'm so happy for all three of you! He's adorable and a great size for traveling :-)


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