April 29, 2015

Photo Challenge - Day Five

Today is the last day day of my five day challenge.  At first I was pulling my hair out a bit frustrated because my photo editing software program doesn't have an option to turn color photos into black and white.  Thankfully Ron came up with a solution :-)  Once I figured out the kinks, it went smoothly!

About the challenge:

I was invited by Jodee of On The Road Abode to take part in a five day black and white photo challenge.

For my last B & W photo, we travel to Maryland in May 2012.  We went to visit Jessica and Mike, newly engaged at the time.  On one of our outings we went on a nature walk and spotted this small spider in it's nest among a leafy bush.  I believe you can see it's prey in the web.

The only rules of the challenge are:

1. On five consecutive days, create a post using a recent or past photograph in black and white.

2. Invite another blogging friend to join in the challenge.

As part of this challenge I want to nominate Becky of Interstellar Orchard.  Becky has been full-time on the road for about two years now.  She makes a living traveling to seasonal jobs all around the country.  Her tales of life on the road are both insightful and humorous.

I hope you enjoyed my photos.  Becky, I hope you decide to accept the Black & White Photo Challenge.  


  1. We love spiders (you know we're weird) and the orb weaver webs are something we look for whenever we're out. You really captured a sweet one here!

    1. The area was near a stream. We saw some dragonflies too. And a large crane looking bird too. It's amazing what you find when you slow down and look for it :-)

  2. I've loved looking at your black and white pictures. I'm so behind in my blog reading and posting as we've been helping out inlaws this past month. We hope to be home for Mothers Day and then we'll have to catch up!

    1. Thank you Debbie :-) Remember to save a weekend day for us and we'll join you and Steve on a walk/hike. I'm sure your in-laws appreciate your help! Isn't it nice to be able to offer them help without having to take vacation...


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