April 26, 2015

Photo Challenge - Day Three

About the challenge:

I was invited by Jodee of On The Road Abode to take part in a five day black and white photo challenge.

This photo was taken while driving west bound on Highway 80 in the summer of 2007.  I love how the sun's rays shine down through the clouds.  We seem to be the only ones on the road... 

The only rules of the challenge are:

1. On five consecutive days, create a post using a recent or past photograph in black and white.

2. Invite another blogging friend to join in the challenge.

As part of this challenge I want to nominate Mark of Our Future in an RV.  Mark and his wife are planning their escape into the RV lifestyle once they retire.  

I hope you enjoy my photos.  Mark, I hope you decide to accept the Black & White Photo Challenge.

Click the photo for a larger image.


  1. Love it. Reminds me of the old Twilight Zone television series for some reason - an endless, empty road.


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