April 22, 2015

Start Small

Sure, we'd love to sell the house As Is.  But in reality it needs some beautification first.  We decided to start small.  Namely, the laundry room.  Or as Ron likes to call it: The Lady Cave.  Really!?

The Lady Cave??
This room is definitely looking like it needs a make-over: 70's linoleum, wire rack to hold cleaners, popcorn ceiling and walls painted gray.

Thankfully Ron is a DIY kinda guy :-)

Together we cleared off the wire shelves.  That was an improvement just by itself.  Those old wire racks are not going back in.  In their place will be a wooden cabinet with 4 doors.  Ron actually found a used one on Craigslist that will fit the space perfectly.  No more cleaning bottles in full sight every time we open the door. 

Ron vacuums up spider webs that have been undisturbed for quite awhile.

The room had some minor damage from dogs and kids and years of use.  The areas have been sanded and filled in with spackle.  The popcorn ceiling has to stay- probably has some asbestos in it and we don't want to mess with that.  It did, however, get a fresh coat of white paint.

We're now in a holding pattern until next weekend.  We think we decided on a paint color.  We will be redoing the floors with tile or another flooring.  We haven't made that decision yet.  

Just out of curiosity, what color would you paint it?


  1. I painted mine yellow because the room had no windows and it brightened up the space. The cupboards will make a huge difference, as will the floor. Ours were linoleum as well but a more muted blue so a new blue and yellow rug was an easy "fix". The realtor suggested it be all white, but the house sold in five days so I think the yellow and blue was fine :-)))

    1. We were thinking yellow would be a good color. You just confirmed our choice :-) Not sure about the blue flooring though :-/
      Five days is super duper fast! I hope we have good luck when the time comes to put our house on the market.


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