April 25, 2015

Photo Challenge - Day Two

About the challenge:

I was invited by Jodee of On The Road Abode to take part in a five day black and white photo challenge.

This is obviously a prison.  Your quest is to guess which prison it is.  Here are a few hints:
  • It was first discovered in 1775.
  • You need a boat to get here.
  • Originally barren, the US government built a fortress on the island to protect new found gold.
  • It is home to the Pacific Coast's first lighthouse.
  • It saw it's last inmates in June 1971.
  • You can find much more information about this famous island here.  
We promised our kids, Alex and Jessica, that one day we would take them there.  We finally fulfilled our promise and we all went to this famous landmark in December of 2008.

The only rules of the challenge are:

1. On five consecutive days, create a post using a recent or past photograph in black and white.

2. Invite another blogging friend to join in the challenge.

As part of this challenge I want to nominate Chris DelBoccio Hughes of CU On The Road.  Chris works in sales and marketing at a credit union.  She and her family enjoy trips in their RV named Bessie.  Her tales about their dog Hairy Barry are humorous and well written. 

I hope you enjoy my photos.  Chris, I hope you decide to accept the Black & White Photo Challenge.

Click the photo for a larger image.


  1. Cool pic. In B&W I it looks even more ominous. I've seen it across the water many times, but have never been out to the island. Maybe some day :-)

    1. Although I've lived in the area for most of my life, I've only been there twice. It's a self guided tour. You're given a pair of headphones and at certain points there is a prerecorded blurb. It's quite interesting actually! So much history on the island, even before it was a prison. The link I shared is quite a read.


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